Why Real Instagram Followers to Your Account?

Having lots and lots of followers interested in your life and inspired by your Instagram posts – doesn’t it sound incredible? There are a lot of individuals who maintain an ever growing fan base on Instagram and have started monetizing their account through branded posts. Conversely, many people buy fake followers and end up with absolutely no engagement on their posts. Building a credible community of real instagram followers is always crucial to building your brand on Instagram.

building your brand on Instagram

  • Fake followers = Fake or No engagement

Many people buy fake followers or inactive accounts in order to boost their social status. But doing so badly hurts their social reach. There aren’t any real people to engage with your posts, and so Instagram thinks that your posts are not important or popular. This I turn affects their reach and visibility.

Real followers will actively engage with your content. You will see more likes, comments and shares for your posts if your followers are real, active people. This will improve the reach of your posts and help in building more followers. If people see that your content gets a lot of traction, they will be inclined to follow you.

  • Be seen by your followers’ followers

Real and active Instagram users will have many followers themselves. When people see that the accounts they follow are following you, they will be organically exposed to your account. This in turn can get you more followers. Recent updates to Instagram’s algorithm ensure that only accounts with active engagement are prominently visible.

  • Fake followers are easy to identify

Fake or inactive accounts will have absolutely no activity, in terms of the number of posts, likes on other people’s posts or commenting on them. Most users look at your follower base before deciding whether to follow you or not. A person’s follower list is public and can be viewed by anyone. So if a potential follower decided to look through the accounts that follow you, it is pretty easy for them to identify the fact that most of your followers are fake and that you have bought them.

The larger the number of followers to your account, the more respectful and popular it seems to your potential audience. But it does no good if you buy a lot of fake users. Always take care to buy and build a community of real instagram followers.