Symptoms and Causes of Teens or Children Depression

Depression is often described as a feeling of prolonged sadness and despair. The causes of both teen and adult depression are extremely similar. Some of the causes of depression include the death of a friend or pet, loss of a relationship, learning disabilities, guilty feeling, failure and many.

The symptoms of teen depression are as same as to that of adults which include changes in diet or sleep, evacuating from dear ones. The moods of children often may change and therefore they are able to make decisions.

A child who wishes to be left alone displays one of the early symptoms of depression. Some of the reasons for teen depressions include the inability to cope with daily stresses like trying to maintain good grades in school, struggling with learning, etc.

Sometimes environmental stress can also lead to teen depression. Some other causes of teen depression are family oriented problems like the divorce of parents, loss of parent and more.

You can watch the behavior of your child in many ways to predict that they are experiencing symptoms of depression. Many teens experience depression symptoms will suffer from insomnia or will sleep for more time. You can also notice some changes in their eating habits. All of these signs are not shown by every teen with depression but some show these types of changes for a long period of time.

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Some other signs and symptoms of teen depression are:

  • Difficult to concentrate
  • Tiredness
  • Headaches, back pain
  • Loss of Memory
  • Sadness
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Hopeless feeling
  • Drop in studies

There is a range of effective depression treatments and health professionals who can help people with depression.

Anti-depressants are medications used for treating teenage depressions. These medications are so effective and work in various ways. A decision regarding medication can be made only with the advice of child doctor since they have serious side effects. The depression treatment provo can be used to diagnose teens from their depression.

A part of the treatment plan must include Psychotherapy which will make your child learn various problems solving ways. It also makes them recognize and change their thoughts. A psychiatric therapist can build mutual trust and understanding with your kid so it is crucial to find a child psychiatrist.

You have to pay attention to children who are taking antidepressants since they can induce suicidal thoughts to your children.