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We believe that people have the right to engage in any behaviour that they choose, as long as their actions do not harm others, and we believe that gay dating and gay relationships do not cause harm to anyone.

If sexual preference can be altered, then people who support gay rights can’t rely on the argument that gay people should be protected from discrimination because gay people have no choice but to be gay – an argument that seems like an apology for homosexuality, as if homosexuality is a disease for which there is no “cure”.

There is an element of homophobia in that argument– the implication that gay people would become straight, if only they could. Supporting gay marriage becomes equivalent to supporting the construction of wheelchair ramps. The “gays can’t help being that way” approach is reminiscent of the old view of homosexuality as a psychiatric illness.

Just as gay people who are happy as they are should not be forced to change their sexual orientation, gay people who want to be straight should have the right to change if they can – and the correct word is “change” – not “cure”.

The gay dating always had troubles and challenges luring them. Of course, they bring unique resources to their loving relationships that are not shared by heterosexual couples. The social, cultural, legal and sometimes familial supports for their relationships are best lacking or weak and at the worst destructive. Efforts howsoever have made some progress but there is still great resistance to, for example, gay marriage.

While there’s no shortage of dating apps available that cater to just about every audience and interest, only a few have been created with the gay dating in mind. Luckily times are changing and we introduce you to a new gay dating app we provide you with a platform for everything, from hook-ups to long-term relationships.

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