Ganesh Ramalingam – Person with corporate social responsibility

Ganesh Ramalingam is the head surgeon in G&L surgical. He is an endoscopy specialist. He heads over a busy schedule by taking care of his patients until they recover. He gets into clinic earlier in morning to help his patient and make them comfortable on visiting. He wants to help them without making them to wait for long time. Once when he completes his outpatient visiting time, he takes a ward round to check patients in the hospital to ensure their recovery. He is good in humanity. From his life path he wants to help people in need. As a motive to help others, he became a surgeon. His work as a doctor are always success with many life saving. He feels humanity is more important in life. He works for it as well by conducting a charity organization.

As corporate social responsibility is equally important in a person life, everyone has to contribute for the charity work. Also it will be easier if your passion and career support these kinds of services. People can get their needs with the help of these CSR workers. When you love to help people, it is not mandatory to help with money only. It can be done in the way of giving people your time and hearing about their needs. Whatever the way may be, it should give the needy a peace of mind. Thus, dr ganesh ramalingam singapore is the leading head surgeon cum perfect corporate social responsibility person who spends most of his life in charity works.