Made from unused shipping container, Luckdropshas recycling steel approximately 3,500 kg from estimated 11 million container units worldwide. Producing eco-friendly stuff, this ship container home for sale range with variation of standard options, engineered with international technology and art combination.

It produced with energy efficient material and eco-friendly component, with third party approved quality control program, to ensure you have best product outcome. Ship container home for sales inspected by a National Accredited Third Party Inspecting Agency that give an independent evaluation of all production processes.

Eco-friendly component applied energy efficient certification for electrical system and home appliance from UL, Intertek, and TUV. Original container floor contained formaldehyde free for each Luckdrops, which inspected by third party for all upcycle container used. This ship container homes for sale using building material and appliances of NTRL certified too.

Engineered with integrated plumbing system,it is certified of UPC, NSF, and IAPMO. Fire rated components has ASTM 84 class category, created best component to prepare for worst case condition of fire spark in electrical wiring connection. Therefore keep your ship container unit really safe from short connection fire spark.

Residential energy check show complaint in 49 states, make it the most well-known energy saving home in the world. All of seismic load number calculated together with weather condition of live, dead, snow and wind condition in accordance of ASCE 7-10. This calculation will design a specific building structure that estimate the natural extreme situation for a certain design period.

“Supermax” internal steel frame create a rigid structure, with eco-friendly system to block fire, water, rodent or insect to come inside container home. Wall layer ceils everything with gypsum board, and insulated with PU spray. It blends the design with strength structure and rock-solid construction.

Other energy efficiency factor is windows and doors. Enable natural light to come into Luckdrops space made less energy consumption and cheaper monthly expense. To afford it, doors and windows energy efficiency certified with AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-11.

In addition to that, loft ceiling light system for interior design will save lighting energy. Eco-friendly treated sub-floor and eco-friendly vynil wood flooring could optimize heating/cooling process for air conditioning inside the ship container. Other than that, Exterior UV and temperature reducing paint layer add more energy efficiency for heat transfer process. All of these innovations enable us to have remarkable living for a fraction of traditional house’s price.